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Here's what I think...

Easton Tri-Shell


I hit with the Easton Tri-shell playing ball with Ron Hock from Sport 2000. The bat that we hit was a 26 oz and was a little too light for me. Overall it felt great and kinda like my TD2. It had good pop but couldnt seem to lift any thing but was hitting some scorching shots thru the infield... overall i would give the bat a 8 overall. It was just too light for me to give a good review.

AST bats

This is where i will post my results on the AST brand of bats.. I will be going to Orlando and hitting with Gill50, Safety Cat , and Kevin from AST during the week of March 5th. If anyone would like to go please e-mail me at floridasoftball@hotmail.com . Thanks....

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