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Here are the rankings for D.  These rankings are compiled using point standings in various associations and results from the latest tournaments.   If you would like to send me your rankings you can e-mail me at floridasoftball@hotmail.com



Class "D" Rankings
2.Rycon Graphics
3.Team Hammer
4.DR. Lee/ Flag Co.
6.Original Mattress Factory
8.Key Corners/B52
10.Ryans Card Shop

C Rankings

1.  Big Donkey

2.  Russells Paint and Body

3. Sav-More

4.  FCA

5.  Thunder/Parker

6.  Top Level

7.  Redbird/Mizuno


B Rankings

1.  Techfire

2.  Newmans/Kelly

3.  T & R Stucco


A Rankings

1.  Team Mizuno

2.  Suncoast/TPS

3.  WW Gay/TPS

4.  Fla.  Heat/Joe Black/Worth


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