3/04/01 Class A Sarasota Sunday Night League Team is looking for another player of two.. Need s possible utility player. Contact: floridasoftball@hotmail.co

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Iam currently looking for a team to play with in the pinellas county area. I recently moved down from maine where I played with a " B"  team S & B NIKE. Iam an outfielder with a strong arm. I have a lot of power but like to bat for average. If you any contacts I would appreciate. Im gettin pretty bored without playin any ball. Thanks.

Jersey "Joe" DiGrado


Looking for serious softball team. a team thats fun and serious.been playing for other teams and seen that down here there not to serious about the win.   You can call me at 727-644-5790 name is (Derek)...            ohsogood@tampabay.rr.com