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Flyers Page


To Print out the Fliers just right click on the flier that you need and save Picture As to your favorite spot and then print.

If you have a flyer that you would like to have posted please e-mail me at and I will give you the address to send it to if you can not send it in a file.... Thank you....






Tournament Schedule



Aug. 10 Mens E,D,C Hale Storm Shootout – Sponsored By Hale Sports

Sept 7 Mens E,D,C

Oct. 19 Mens E,D,C

Nov 30 FloridaSoftball.Com Mens D Iron Man


All tournaments will be played at GT Bray Park in Bradenton, FL.

All Tournaments are ISA sanctioned and all teams must be sanctioned with ISA for the 2002- year.

More info can be found at or email







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